Palmdale1email Hello Everybody, My wife Ruth and I, we have this house under contract and we are ready to Flip it. Let me tell you How we are going to do this.  This house was sold here in Los Angeles close to a $1million dollars 2 years ago. We got it for $385,000 CASH.  You are asking, where do I got the Cash from or the Deals? right?  You probably know that we are connected with Real Estate Agents around town, they brought me this deal. Now, the money part, this is the diffult part, but not if you know how to raise it, We were able to buy this property by partnering with investors, yes, investors like you that want to learn how to do this and how to make money out of it.  This is what we do, We bring deals, we partner with you and close the deal! 

Remember, we need to be ready to buy any deals, shoot me an email if you want me to help you and make money together!

Christian Yepez and Ruth Ortiz   at

PS. We are going to Flip this one for a little bit over $525k in 3-4months. NOt Bad!

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