Hello Investors,  Sorry for the last minute Notice.
Raising Private money for your Syndicating your apartment deals requires knowledge and some understanding
about the Security Exchange commission law. You want to stay away from trouble when
raising money.
My syndication attorney is hosting this webinar (F-ree online conference) where you can learn how you can
safely raise money for your deals. She will teach you everything you need to Know in 1 hr.
You will thank me after you listen this webinar.  Follow me on facebook below and comment or just send me an email/question here.

You can listen on your mobile device or web.

Link for registration <<

When. Wed. April 4th.

Time. 10:30am to 11am Pacific time / 1:3opm Eastern Time.


In the Moment, for the Moment

Christian Yepez, Syndicator/Investor


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